SQLian: handles SQL so you don’t need to

SQLian is an all-in-one library that “shephards” you through interaction with SQL. Unlike an ORM (like the ones come with Django, SQLAlchemy, etc.), it does not try to hide the fact you’re writing SQL, but on the other hand still:

  • Frees you from handling pesky SQL syntax oddities, so you can better debug your SQL like your Python code.
  • Provides a unified interface to connect to different database implementations.
  • Automatic cursor handling anda better way to interact with the data returned by the SQL database.

The Basics

Connect to a database:

import sqlian
db = sqlian.connect('postgresql://...')

and perform a query:

rows = db.select(
    'name', 'occupation',
    where={'main_language': 'Python'},

Now you can access the data directly:

>>> rows[0]
<Record {"name": "Mosky", "occupation": "Pinkoi"}>

or iterate over them:

for r in rows:
    print('{} works at {}'.format(r.name, r.occupation))

Interested? Read on!